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Building seamless bridges, Naga Valli’s music is an infusion of Pop, Rock, Soul and East-Indian melodies. The power and emotion in Valli’s voice, her lyrics that speak of inner struggles and inspiration, combined with the effortlessness with which she blends Eastern overtones with Western melodies make Valli’s music refreshingly unique and yet, familiar at the same time.

Naga Valli grew up in Mumbai, India, speaks her native language of Telugu at home and is also well-versed in Hindi and English. She moved to Austin, Texas after finishing graduate school in Florida. Through her journey, Valli realized that it is in music that she experiences moments of pure joy. Valli is fascinated with how one can connect deeply even with strangers through music and voice. Writing and performing no longer remained a choice and the very first song she wrote, “If I Don’t Sing”, beautifully expresses this sentiment. More...

Eastern Soul