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“The Indian singer’s third full-length, culminates an Austin music scene evolution hovering just past twin decades.” Potent and immediate, the album vibrates, emanates, elucidates a world fusion for jet-setters and Travis Heights denizens alike. Indian twang for hippies and East Cesar Chavez dwellers, diva soul for soccer moms in ATX satellite burbs, its public radio clarity proves visceral indeed: spacious yet weird, distant but universal, unsubtitled and liberated. “Numinosum” is Nagavalli’s moment — here, there, everywhere.”  -  Raoul Hernandez, The Austin Chronicle

“Nagavalli’s release show for her amazing new album “Numinosum” will be one of my favorite concerts of 2023.”  She is less a performer and more a spirit taking flight through her music and players. It was proclaimed Nagavalli Day at Stateside at the Paramount that evening. Every day Nagavalli shares her music is her day - and our blessing.”  - Jody Denberg, KUTX

“Nagavalli is truly an amazing talent. Her concert was one of the most moving performances I have experienced at One World Theatre.”

– Hartt Stearns, Founder of One World Theatre

Photography byTodd Wolfson

Austin-based Indian-American musician, Nagavalli, creates an innovative mix of sounds known as "Eastern Soul", fusing pop, rock, and trance with traditional Indian melodies and overtones. Her debut album, "Eastern Soul", released in 2012 showcased the musical talents of Austin's greats such as Pat Mastelotto, Mitch Watkins, Oliver Rajamani, Omar Vallejo, AJ Vallejo and Richard Bowden, helping her create her unique sound in the studio. Nagavalli continued her journey with the release of several singles including “Reach Out,” “How I Love You” and the Joni cover, “That Song About the Midway” with Austin’s award-winning producer AJ Vallejo. She also worked with California-based award-winning producer, Ben Leinbach to release two spiritual music (kirtan) singles
“Om Shiva” and “Madana Mohana Murari” in 2018.


Nagavalli released her second full album “Immersion” in January 2019, to rave reviews, and with a sold-out concert at the prestigious One World Theatre in Austin. Nagavalli followed with her third album, “Numinosum” in 2023. Described as a microcosm of her experiences between East and West, both musically and culturally, the Numinosum album release was met with a sold-out show at Austin's iconic Stateside Paramount theater and even celebrated with a “Nagavalli Day” proclamation from the city itself.

“Nagavalli’s voice and spirit give me the depth of experience I long for in music and rarely reach”, says Eliza Gilkyson, renowned Austin-based folk musician.

Pioneering a unique pop/rock/Indo-fusion genre of music in Austin's live music scene, Nagavalli was featured in the prestigious WOVEN magazine in 2019 as one of the prominent voices from the Indian-American diaspora in music during the Indian Prime Minister's visit to the US. 

“Nagavalli’s art is unlike any other you’ll hear in Austin…” – Peter Blackstock, Austin360, 2019

Nagavalli grew up in Mumbai, India bringing the rich, soulful music of her home to Austin, Texas where she has brought in a variety of artists representing genres such as Latin, hip-hop, American rock and jazz to East-Indian and Middle Eastern classical and folk into the studio to refine her eclectic sound. Named one of the Top 10 Female Vocalists and World Music artists at the 2015-2016 Austin Music Awards, Nagavalli has become a staple in Austin music circles, recording and performing with such artists and bands as Eliza Gilkyson, Oliver Rajamani, Bob Livingston, A Is Red, Atash, Patrice Pike, Ginger Leigh, Betty Soo, Carrie Rodriguez, and Govinda. Nagavalli has performed at some of the most renowned Austin venues such as the Cactus Cafe. Stateside Paramount Theatre and the One World Theatre.

“The purity of Valli’s voice reaches into the deeper recesses of the listeners being… her singing comes from that place of honesty and touches me to the quick…” – Suzi Stern, Jazz vocalist

Nagavalli is passionate about serving the Austin music community. She is the Board Chair for EQ Austin, a non-profit organization that brings cultural representation and economic prosperity in the music and creative sectors. Now on her second term, Nagavalli holds the title of the first Asian-American Chair of the Austin Music Commission and is Mayor Kirk Watson's appointee to the Arts Commission. Nagavalli produces / co-produces several diverse music showcases in Austin under her production venture "Eastern Soul Productions" that she started in 2021.

Nagavalli has performed in Texas (Austin, Houston, Dallas), Oregon (Portland - Beloved Fest), and in California (SF/Bay Area - San Jose Jazz Fest, Berkeley, Sonoma County, Los Angeles - Herb Alpert's Vibrato etc.).

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Photograph by Roger Ho

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